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Memory and prizes

Lluís Garreta Sabadell

(1909 – 1992)
Silver Medal and Diploma at the Exhibition of the Work of the Iron Crafts held in Barcelona
Diploma of Honor at the Regional Craft Competition held in Vic.
Diploma of Honor at the Barcelona Provincial Crafts Competition.
First Medal in the Barcelona Artisan Provincial Contest.
Diploma of Honor at the Barcelona Regional Crafts Exhibition.
1st class diploma at the First Regional Exhibition of Crafts in Manresa.
First Medal at the Barcelona Provincial Competition.
Second Sculpture Prize at the First Exhibition of Vigatan Artists in Vic.
Award of Honor at the First International Crafts Exhibition held in Madrid.
Diploma of Honor at the Exhibition of Catalan Crafts at the Saló del Tinell in Barcelona.
Catalonia Distinguished Artisan Medal.

Ferran Garreta Varela

Titled Master Embosser in metals in 1976. Together with Lluís Garreta Sabadell, his father, he participated in the Trade Union Work in numerous national and international exhibitions in Barcelona, Madrid, Les Palmes de Gran Canaria, Milan and New York. As an individual, he has been the author of numerous exhibitions in the Catalan territory, highlighting the exhibitions held in Barcelona, Sabadell, St. Anthony of Calonge and Vic.
His work has led him to participate in television and print reports, explaining the art of embossing.
The creation of works of armor and emblems of the Roman era has led him to collaborate in the realization of numerous Holy Week processions, among which, in Catalonia, those of Camprodon, Manresa, Mataró, Guardiola de Berguedà and Vic. It is also necessary to mention the realization of works of armor from antiquity, from the Greek to the medieval period, used in theatrical and historicist performances in Greek, Iberian, Etruscan, Samnite and Roman military reconstitution. Participating, along with the other components of the Ferran Garreta company, in the European days of ancient historical reconstruction at the Museum of Saint-Romain-en-Gal and in the Augustales of the Museum of Villa Loupian (France).
Finally, with the restoration and creation of objects of worship, Ferran Garreta has carried out works of great beauty for the entire Catalan and Spanish territory.

Carme Garreta Montmany

They learn the craft of embossing and chiselling in the family workshop and take part in metal restoration work, eventually specializing in this discipline. Receives academic training in sculpture and bronze casting at the School of Arts and Crafts in Vic. He studied fired enamels on metals at the Escola Llotja in Barcelona and completed a postgraduate specialization in enamel technique. Member of Llotja’s ‘Gruppals’ group of enamellers, with which he exhibited regularly in Catalonia since 1997, he has participated in numerous national and international exhibitions, among which stand out: The 10th. Cloisonne Jewerly Contest de Tokio (Japó), The 11th. Exhibition of Contemporary Shippo in Japan (Japó), Syosenkyo Rape-way Shippo Museum (Japó), CKI International Exhibition a Himmerod (Alemanya), Esmalts Llotja a Saragossa 98-99 i Foc Gallery a Barcelona. In 2007, she won the National Enamels Award at the VII International Biennial of Enamels in Salou, a competition for which she had already been selected in other editions. The same year he participates in Eclats d’émail Exposition Internationale sur La Maison du Limousin in Paris and in Limoges (France).
Specialized together with her father in making custom-made armor of historical reconstruction in brass and bronze, she participates in the European days of ancient historical reconstruction of the Museum of Saint-Romain-en-Gal and in the Augustales of the Museum of Villa Loupian ( France), with Greek, Etruscan, Samnite and Roman reproductions.
He has recently participated in the last three editions of the Marché de l’Histoire de Pontoise (France).

Sílvia Garreta Montmany

He learned the craft of embossing and chiselling in the family workshop, where he also participated in goldsmithing and restoration work. He studies the jewelery and jewelery design specialty at the Escola Llotja in Barcelona, where he also trains in the specialties of microfusion and waxes. He then studied Gemmology at the Industrial School of Barcelona and later, at the Jewelers’ Guild of Barcelona, he studied at the Official College of Jewelers of Catalonia the specialties of nailing and engraving which he uses as a complement to his work.
Member No. 02141 of the JORG (Official Association of Jewellers, Goldsmiths, Watchmakers and Gemmologists of Catalonia).
Finally, representing the company Ferran Garreta, he has participated in the European days of ancient historical reconstitution of the Museum of Saint-Romain-en-Gal and in the Augustales of the Museum of Villa Loupian (France) performing Roman goldsmith work.

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