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Projects and Awards


(1909 - 1992)
Silver Medal and Diploma of merit at the Iron Craftwork Exhibition in Barcelona.
Honorific Diploma at the Regional Craftwork Competition in Vic.
Honorific Diploma at the Provincial Craftwork Competition in Barcelona.
1st Class Diploma at the First Regional Craftwork Exhibition in Manresa.
1st Medal at the Provincial Competition of Artisans in Barcelona.
2nd Prize in Sculpture at the First Exhibition of the Work of Artists from Vic.
Honorific Award at the First International Craftwork Exhibition in Madrid.
Honorific Diploma at the Catalan Craftwork Exhibition which took place in the SalĂł del Tinell, Barcelona.
Medal as an "Outstanding Catalan Craftsman".


Ferran earned his qualifications as Embossing Master in 1976. Together with his father, LluĂ­s Garreta Sabadell, he formed part of the Craftwork Union Association and attended many national and international exhibitions in Barcelona, Madrid, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Milan and New York. He has also exhibited his work in several Catalan towns on many occasions. It is worth mentioning his exhibitions in Barcelona, Sabadell, St. Antoni de Calonge and Vic. Thanks to his expertise, he has been invited to participate in several television documentaries and has also appeared in newspapers, where he explained the art of embossing. He has specialised in the creation of ancient Rome's armours and emblems, and has worked in many Easter processions organised by different Catalan towns, such as Camprodon, Manresa, MatarĂł, Guardiola de BerguedĂ  and Vic. Also worthy of mention are the recreation of ancient suits of armour from the greek period to medieval times, used for theatrical dramatisation and historical reconstitution of the Greek, Iberian, Etruscan, Samnite and Roman warriors. Together with the other components of the Ferran Garreta Company, he has participated in the European Antique Historical Reconstitution Meetings held in Saint-Romain-en-Gal and in the Augustals of the Villa Loupian Museum (France).
Ferran Garreta has also restored and created objects of great beauty both in Catalonia and Spain.



Carme learnt embossing and engraving techniques while working in the family company and she has participated in work involving the restoration of metals, becoming specialised in this discipline. She then studied sculpture and bronze melting at the Escola d’Arts i Oficis in Vic. She also studied fired enamel over metals at the Llotja de Barcelona Academy and earned a postgraduate qualification in Enamelwork. She is a member of the Enamellist Society of the Llotja called 'Grup Òpals', with whom she has regularly participated in exhibitions throughout Catalonia since 1997. She has exhibited in many national and international exhibitions such us: The 10th Cloisonne Jewelry Contest in Tokyo (Japan), The 11th Exhibition of Contemporary Shippo (Japan), Syosenkyo Rape-way Shippo Museum (Japan), CKI International Exhibition in Himmerod (Germany), Esmalts Llotja in Zaragoza 98-99 and Foc Gallery in Barcelona. In 2007 she won the National Enamel Award at the VII International Enamel Biennial Exhibition in Salou, her work also having been selected in previous editions of the same competition. In that same year, she took part in the Éclats d’émail Exposition Internationale sur La Maison du Limousin in Paris and Limoges (France).
Over the last three years she has participated in the European Antique Historical Reconstitution Meetings held in Saint-Romain-en-Gal and in the Augustals of the Villa Loupian Museum (France) with Greek, Etruscan, Samnite and Roman reproductions of armour. Together with her father, she has specialised in making suits of armour made to measure out of brass and bronze for the historical reconstitution events.


Sílvia learnt embossing and engraving techniques in the family company, where she also works in gold and silversmithery, and restoration. She completed her jewellery and design studies at the Llotja de Barcelona Academy, where she also specialised in microfusion and wax work. After earning her qualifications, she studied the speciality of Gemmology at the Escola Industrial in Barcelona and went on to specialise in stone setting and engraving techniques by studying at the Col·legi Oficial de Joiers de Catalunya - the Jewellers Guild, in Barcelona - to complement her knowledge and skills. Silvia is registered with the Jewellers Guild - JORG (Col·legi Oficial de Joiers, d'Orfebres, de Relotgers i de Gemmòlegs de Catalunya) Nº 02141.
Finally, she has participated by representing the Ferran Garreta Company in the European Antique Historical Reconstitution Meetings held in Saint-Romain-en-Gal Museum and in the Augustals of the Villa Loupian Museum (France), contributing work on Roman gold and silversmithery.


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