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Other objects
All our creations are
entirely hand made
and completely unique,
so they all carry an
emotional attachment.

Ferran Garreta has
always been committed
to this philosophy and
makes every effort to
stand by it during the

whole creative process,
from the initial design
to the final delivery.

D1. Cake stand. Copper, enamel and coloured glass.
D2. Rose. Sterling Silver with a stone base.
D3. Chemistâ??s symbol - Serpent. Brass.
D4. Rose. Sterling Silver.
D5. Watering cans. Brass.
D6. Nameplate. Brass.
D7. Picture ‘View of Vic’. Copper.
D8. Chimneybreast. Copper.
D9. Plate 'Views of Vic'. Brass.
D10. Picture ‘Eagle hunting’. Copper.
D11. Plate ‘St. George‘. Copper.
D12. Plate ‘View of Roda’. Copper.
D13. Umbrella stand. Brass.
D14. Plate with floral motifs. Copper.
D15. Collection of Copper samples.
D16. Lamp. Copper.
D17. Measures. Copper and brass.
D18. Vase. Copper.
D19. Copper Letterbox.
D20. Fruit tray. Copper.
D21. Heraldic Shield. Copper.
D22. Diadem. Brass.
D23. Crowns. Brass and synthetic stones.
D24. Copper Pitcher.
D25. Copper Chimneybreast.
D26. Crowns. Brass, swarovski stones and pearl.
D27. Earring. Brass, swarovski stones and pearls.
D28. Brass medal. Giants and eagle of Vic.
D29. Count crowns of the double-headed eagle of Vic. Brass, swarovski stones and pearls. Photography of Joan Parera.
D30. Crowns. Brass and synthetic stones.
D31. Necklaces. Brass and synthetic stones.
D32. Crowns. Brass and synthetic stones.
D33. Hand Fan. Brass and ostrich feathers.
D34. Nameplate. Wrought Iron.
D35. Whistle. Brass.
D36. Shaped frames sun recessed spotlights. Brass with gold-plated and silver-plated.
D37. Lamp. Brass.
D38. Sconce. Brass.
D39. Lamp. Brass.
D40. Sterling silver Book Corners.
D41. Entrance door panels. Brass.
D42. Bedstead - Headboard. Copper.
D43. Nest of two tables. Brass and glass.
D44. Planter. Copper and brass.
D45. Jars. Brass.
D46. Showcase. Copper.
D47. Cooking pot. Copper and brass.
D48. Family tree. Silver, pearls and colored stones.
D49. Souvenir of a trip. Brass.
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